What Trauma Is

Trauma is anything that you don’t want to do – the temptations, the have-to’s – most of the people in the world have trauma, because nobody wants to go to work, and working for God is the only work – the only way to work without being afflicted by trauma; deep down, it is there,Continue reading “What Trauma Is”

How To Find Your Sol

By doing what you want to do; nobody asks themselves what they want to do, because no one has a connection with their own heart – they are just shallow people – mechanical bots, living off feeling, not presence; the heart will give you an answer, and it will be slow, because true life, enjoyment,Continue reading “How To Find Your Sol”

God and The Devil

Devil is mind, God is ether – both are invisible; devil is fear, God is love – not so invisible now

Mind is a Layer

Mind is a layer around the brain – a protection; just as a sunny egg has a protection – to keep it in place, but guess what – if you never pop it, you will never enjoy the yolk


What is real and what is not real? Can you see the air? That is quite important; you would all be dead in a few seconds without air. Is real what you can see? Why? If there was some technology, some goggles, to let you see air, you would not be able to see anythingContinue reading “Real”

The Trick to Trauma

Only meditation will heal trauma, and if you do not know how to meditate, well, there is a best way to do it. To meditate is to med it


There are no such things as feelings – they are based off past experience – they are based off mind – ego; the heavier you are, the more you will feel


Only trust yourself, the outside world will only scam you, will only make you into a slave; if you have eyes to see truth, then you can overcome lies


To behave is to become a thing – an idol – and yes, you are idle, not there, when you behave; now you have turned into a have for everyone, like a little doll that children want to possess, and only children want to possess. To behave is to turn mind on, fear on, andContinue reading “Behave”


Emotion is to get carried away from the self – emotion is the play of the mind – the triggering – the what if. Emotions will cloud the truth because one cannot see with cataracts on the eyes. Emotions are a foster home – a fake, ruse, just an act, because the mind is theContinue reading “Emotion”


Ego is mind – it is made up by mind – it is the false self. You either have an ego or you have a self; to put the ego into the fire is to dissolve it – the fire in the guts, what you are left with is a jewel – that jewel isContinue reading “Ego”

Anger Is Crying

Same energy, different output – different explosion, and all explosion is reactionary – mind-based; so the next time you see an angry man, just call them cry-baby

What Masturbation Is

To masturbate is to be drunk, it is to not have a connection to your own heart; all masturbation is mind – an explosion, and all heart is an expression – continual

Your God Is A Lie

Because God is not fear, and anyone with a heart would know this, only those with deaf ears fear – those that cannot hear their own heart – God


To imagine anything is to be a bum. All imagination comes from mind – it is an escape tool from the moment; God will give you real images, just wait, to imagine is to interfere with source. To be an imaginer is to be an ego, while images are only given to hero’s


Respect is shallow – it is a give me – it is to be a beggar and not accept the truth. To have respect for anyone is to be a frog, and to demand anything is even worse. To respect someone is to live by their rules, because they cannot handle what comes their wayContinue reading “Respect”


Hate is just a ditch – you know what you hate so you do not fall into the ditch – it is a protection of love – so you can keep going with your life. Hatred is when you stop along your path and look at the ditch – why? You are wasting your time,Continue reading “Hate”


Fear will always clinch you, will want you to go back in the past, will want to disturb happiness; whatever it is, it does not matter, because the only way is forward


All mistakes are from forgetting the moment – your heart, where only protection lives – protection of love

The Fire of Good

Good has a fire, in fact, good is a fire, and you will go through it to get back in its graces, match its own temperature; the colder you are, the hotter you burn

The Power of Build

To build is to make connections from the moment, and to sin – go against your heart, is to knock it down; now you must go again, that is all


There is no such thing as luck; for one to be lucky, there must be a one, and to be a one is to not be a zero – a surrender to the infinite; to be a one is to be a head – an ego. All luck comes from the imagination, things simply areContinue reading “Luck”

To Talk About Others

To talk about others is to be in the company of an escapist – a soless victim; one that does not see the unfolding before them – a relapse. To talk about others is to have no meaning in your life.


To care about reputation is to be stuck on repeat – the mind; to be jailed by the past is to not be in the river of the moment. All reputation is a lie and to diverge from the moment is to forget

The Disease of Social Media

To live on the internet is to have lost the war to the mind; the mind loves to pretend to live, loves to be informed; the only information comes from God – this moment, all else is conceit

How The Truth Works

The truth only works with love, with bliss, with peace – such is the moment. The mind – the lie, works with fear, anger, pride, and pride is vanity, being afraid, as well as causing it. The heart is only activated in the moment

Pictures are Dead

Do not deceive yourself, and to look at a picture is to be dead yourself, there is so much life going on around you and you bother to look at something dead – encapsulate your consciousness in a frozen image – in a box, smaller than life – now your heart is shrinking. To lookContinue reading “Pictures are Dead”

What Enlightenment Is

Enlightenment is when you realize the value of the moment, and you do not do certain things anymore, because they would take you out of this state, because you know better

Why the World has No Meaning

The world will never give you any meaning, God, because meaning only comes from heart, and heart can only be found here and now; heart and the moment, both are portals to God, and only these two will create the rift to truth

The Metamorph

The metamorph is the zest – it is the fragrance of the beyond – it is the living dream, because you have finally realized yours – it is the beacon beyond the clouds – the nightmare – the mind

The Taker of Dreams

The taker of dreams is the reaper, and the reaper is always dead; do not forget there is only emptiness behind that scary look

Product of the Mirror

The brain will rain down its dreams to the heart, the heart will hear them and want to help; only here do dreams rain and only here can you hear them

The Time of Punishment

Saturn will disable your powers until you have paid the price of Time, and Time can only be experienced here and now; no presence, no price


Those that do not accept do not love, and those that do not love are in the mind

What Love Is

Love is what you want, and to do what you want is to be true; all want is good – if you are doing evil, it is not a want but a pretension.

The Agents

The Agents have many pawns in the Matrix; of course, the pawns do not know they are pawns – shed a little truth and they will turn, get triggered, because that is how they are programmed with their sol-sucking technology – their walking vanity closet – because love is not inner, it is only outerContinue reading “The Agents”


Nobody wants to do evil, are only tricked by the mind; all wanting comes from heart, all temptation, desire from mind; desire will dethrone the King – the heart, and one has to be here to hear the heart

The Battle Within

The battle within is mind versus heart – good versus evil; if you are not aware of the battle within, you have already lost, and go on losing. Mind cannot be eradicated, only silenced.

Open the door

To open the door is to solve the riddle – the heavenly equation; all things through the door end, transcend. The door is the only portal to justice, and that door is only found here. Find your voice, save your life


Mind is all things harm and you have been tricked into thinking – thinking, this is what the mind does; it does not wait for the truth from God, it interrupts; guess what – this world is littered with mind traps, because the people that know the truth about the mind, have used it asContinue reading “Mind”

Snake of Defeat

Adrenaline is a serpent and to let it take over your body, speech, is to have lost the war to the dragon

What Everyone Wants To Know

What everyone wants to know is how to be here, but everyone is in a nightmare – everyone is in a stowaway for a better tomorrow – bullshit

The Truth

The truth is this, and the truth is now; the truth is not what anyone says it is, because the truth is unspoken, and it is possible to speak with silence; if you can dance with the truth, then you become the signature itself


Mind is a demon with its head eating its tail – put its d ahead, I will show you; to de is to devolve – to go against love and into the monster – to turn the mind on; look at all the rotten words that begin with mon – money, mono, monkey, and onlyContinue reading “Mind”


Sins happen when you lose yourself to mind; losing your vision to mind is least damaging, losing your body to mind is most damaging; it is not about control, it is about awareness; all control is mind

The Damage of Sorry

To be sorry, apologize, is to escape from your sins – it is pure sloth and does not do anything; instead of paying the true price – the burning through reconciliation – the answering to God – the true realization of hurt, you are casting it aside, escaping from it, and guess what, you willContinue reading “The Damage of Sorry”


Watch out for the liars – they are the attackers – you will know an attack when you see one. Give them nothing – it is best to let fiends fester in the valley – this is how amoebas grow! The accuser is always the victim – victim of the mind – the heinous


To interrupt someone’s journey is to interrupt yourself; to accuse someone with hatred is to be a laughing stock to God. Do not interfere with anyone’s rhythm, to do so is to be jealous, jealous because you have no heart beat of your own; the wise know, and God knows.

Blank Space

To be blank space is to be the wholly realm – you are nothing until you are nobody

The Giver

The giver is the highest quality, and let me make this clear, because there are many wordists out there that would like to manipulate – the giver only gives love, ah, well, let me be clear again, love is peace

Sinners Cannot Create

Only God can create. The only thing sinners can create is the shit coming out of their asses – all their creations will be meaningless – such is the mind

True Anger

True anger is when you let the adrenaline of anger take over your body, speech, to attack, harm, threaten – you have lost – you have become an animal – a sinner, and you will have a price to pay – an answering to God – truth. You will pay with time, because this UniverseContinue reading “True Anger”

The Triggered

The Triggered are the beasts, they have just come to be shown – it is just like shining a light on a vampire – they were hiding the whole time, pretending to be human, but they were actually just the devil – an impotent nincompoop, a traitor to humanity. Any triggering belongs to the mindContinue reading “The Triggered”


Experience is the only way through – it is the gateway to Godhood; one can only come to Kingship through experience; it is doing what you want to do – your heart, not what you desire to do – the mind; all desire is temptation, all listening to your heart will lead you to salvation.Continue reading “Experience”

Holders of the Past

If you are with someone and all the can talk about is philosophy, judgement, past experience, know that you are talking to a trouble maker – a mind – someone that will not let the air to breathe.

The False King

The False King would like some entertainment, would like to be occupied, would like to be filled from the outside; the false king would like to take from people, would like to scare them, would like to get some false power, some egofillment. True power only comes the unoccupied, the sentient, the beloved; such isContinue reading “The False King”

The Lie of the Jungle

To be an animal is to be afraid. To make threats, harm, is to be afraid yourself. Why else the evil? Because you are afraid of truth – the ocean – you are afraid of death – the loss of the mind

The Riddle of Time

Time is space, the passing of space, and everything occurs at exactly the right time, lest there was still evolution to take place, and one can only evolve through love; oh and there is a cosmic law, a cosmic clockwork, otherwise vedic astrology would not be able to predict anything. There is only the illusionContinue reading “The Riddle of Time”

To All the Bullies

They are the false gods – they are pretending to be God, but they are in fact devils; this is what the mind does. Any bully is just a dog of the mind. To threaten someone’s life, to harm anyone, physically, is treason against God, and there is a price to pay. To go againstContinue reading “To All the Bullies”


Any distraction is mindframe – from turning on the radio to the bird flying in the sky. Do you know who the real master is?

Cause and Effect

There is no such thing as cause and effect. This term was made up by a reactionary, a mind. To say something has caused is to point the finger away from the truth and into vanity. There is no cause and there is no effect, it simply is as it is, and to say otherwiseContinue reading “Cause and Effect”


If you are stuck in the world of pictures, movies, games, then you are stuck in vanity, comparison, judgement; because all judgment comes from a projection of ones own self – how are you able to judge in the first place? To judge is to show the world your barf


The Mind is the repeat, see this and you can say no

The Bully

To bully is to hound – to be a dog. Did you know, all attacks must first come from a thought, you are the only servant here, you have already lost the war as soon as you listened to the mind. Are you a Bitch? Let me tell you, only Bitches get offended, because onlyContinue reading “The Bully”


To watch is to subject. If you would like to be a watcher, stay home


All fear can be summed up into the fear of death, and thus the mind is afraid of the moment, because the mind cannot survive in the moment, and thus the devil is afraid of God. Watch out for the reactionaries

Trust in God

Life will never be possible without the trust in God: the flow in the river, the easiness – the unburden; trust is acceptance and acceptance is the okay to how things are; acceptance is not sloth, acceptance is not slavery, acceptance is okay, now what? Acceptance is to proceed to the best, step by step,Continue reading “Trust in God”


Anger is just like a hissing cat; the cat is hissing as a warning to stay back, it is a protection; now, why is the cat warning to stay back? Because it is afraid to die; those that are not afraid know better – they can stand there and not be afraid, because who knowsContinue reading “Anger”


Okay I will cover stigma here – the fear of what others think; for the sake of everything here we will reduce this to one word: stigma, because this is the plague that has rotten humanity and turned it on itself. To be afraid of what people think, what they say about you, how theyContinue reading “Stigma”

If God Were Here

If God were walking amongst you, you would not care, you would miss him completely because you do not know what God is. You would throw rocks at him, you would insult him, because he would be so beautiful, if God came to Earth, he would be beautiful. You would try to teach him! YouContinue reading “If God Were Here”

The Dog

The Dog is the instigator, the attacker, the won’t let things go – the bully; the dog would like to physically harm you; the dog is the pretender, the go around, the cry for help; let me tell you that any threat to harm is just a whimper of jealousy – the undead are jealousContinue reading “The Dog”

Vedic Astrology Part V

If God were a Planet it would be Pluto – it is sex, and it is Death, you cannot escape it; look at it, all the way in the back, watching the whole show. God has taken its form in a planet, and its name is Pluto


Money is corruption, cannot you see? Money is a tool for control, and they will slap the word earn on it and make it a vanity show – a pride show. Vanity kills humanity and only vanity kills humanity; but that is okay, because the truth will prevail; you cannot hide from God, he isContinue reading “Money”

The Knowers

Watch out for the Knowers – they are the pretender – they are the mind – the fake – the counterfeit – the liars, stealers, cheats – they are the traitors

The Power of Names

A name is a vibration, a sound; such is everything. Give yourself a new name, try it out, introduce yourself to someone as this new name, see how everything is different; change your name, change your life. It is your name, because nobody knows you more than you, but do you even know yourself?

The Mind

The mind is the devil, anyone that does not see this is asleep, and to be asleep is to be the devil itself. To those that say that they know, they do not know, that is just the mind escaping from this moment. The mind will always be there, everyday, however much you are here,Continue reading “The Mind”


To love is to evolve, spell it backwards, I will show you. The saint that has come up with these words, magnificent, untamperable. The only way to evolve is through your own heart, to enjoy what you love; in order to enjoy what you love you must know what you love, to know what youContinue reading “Love”

The Truth

The truth can only be brought to you in this moment; truth requires peace, easeness, relaxing of the cells; only in this relaxment can you dissolve into the mystery and acquire salvation – the knowing of the self, because unless you know yourself, you cannot go forward with life. Who’s life are you living? AreContinue reading “The Truth”

The Dialogue

You will see that when you are rooted in the moment there is a voice, a connector, that is your real voice. What voice did you have before? Did you even have a voice? Were you a reactionary, a victim to everything that came to you? Were you a makeup, a fragment of illusion? DoContinue reading “The Dialogue”


Enlightenment is to be a steady flame. Not a blow, not a snowstorm, not dropped in water do you waver, extinguish. This is what it means to have a fire in your gut, to not be affected by the outside world. This is what it means to have a life.

To clear

To clear is to be here; this moment is the only possibility for redemption; your mistakes are the boulders you have dropped in your consciousness – your stream; this moment is the river that will break these boulders down. Each mistake is a price for Time, because no boulder breaks quickly. You are the water,Continue reading “To clear”

The Pretender

I will destroy the mind here. The mind will pretend to know, that is its whole function – to pretend; it will pretend because it is afraid of the truth, this moment; it pretends because if it does not pretend, it will die. The mind will say that it knows, but does it really? BeContinue reading “The Pretender”


To eavesdrop is to have no meaning in your life, it is to listen to the outside world, it is exactly this – to listen to others; they are not even talking to you! What meaning does that have for you? None. You are eavesdropping whenever you watch a movie, you are watching someone else’sContinue reading “Eavesdrop”

The Disease of Literal

To be literal is to have no meaning in your life – to point to words is to have no heart – to be in the mind – the game. Life is not words and speech is not hate; speech will only point to intention.


To be bored is to not have a life, a sol; to be bored is to have stopped growing and let the mind take over; let me tell you, no one is ever done growing, there is always more to uncover, more to connect in your brain.


Anything meaningless to you is empty, worthless. It is as if there is an empty cup of your favorite drink besides a full cup of your favorite drink, which would you rather have? One is nourishment – the other meaningless. To be empty itself is to be space itself; when you are uncluttered, then youContinue reading “Empty”


Vanity is ego, vanity is pride, vanity is a projection of the mind – the thinker – the glorifier – the false god; yes, the devil loves to pretend to be god, but it will always be an empty shell; it will never be fulfilled. Vanity is all games, all games are subjective, and allContinue reading “Vanity”

To Let Go

To let go is to live, to not be stuck, to forgive, to be unburdened by the past. To let go is to be reflective, in that moment; do you not know who you are? To let anyone else affect you is to lose your peace, is to listen to your mind, the outside; doContinue reading “To Let Go”

What Time is

Time is nothing more than space – the more space, the more time. This is why time heals, because space heals; the more space, the more healing. This is also used in the inner world – the air is space! Cannot you see it? The more the air, the breath, will go through the body,Continue reading “What Time is”


Love is life; if you do not love, you cannot live. To love is to enjoy yourself – to fulfill your heart. Perhaps nobody knows how to fulfill their heart because they do not know what it wants, because they do not know how to listen to it; let me tell you – only byContinue reading “Love”


Phones have essentially taken over the world. It is difficult to look around and not see someone on their phone; and I do not mean just a few minutes without it, because then the adrenaline kicks in and they are reaching for their drug; and it is adrenaline, just on a smaller scale. People doContinue reading “Phones”

The Secret to Life

The secret to life is basically to be happy; but you do not know how to be happy because nobody has taught you to be happy, because they do not want you to be happy, they would like you an obedient slave, staying looped your whole life, giving away your energy your whole life, andContinue reading “The Secret to Life”

What helps the sol

Would you like to know what helps the sol? Humanity is in need of much healing; they are constantly giving their energy away, being drained, in the sake of money, uncoordination. Most people do not even know they are giving their energy away because they do not know what it is to be alive; theyContinue reading “What helps the sol”

Motion picture

Does anyone know how damaging motion picture is to the brain? Terribly. It will take you out of reality and put you into the bizarre; oh and you will not recover from it quickly; it will take 7 days, maybe more; it will upset your whole ecosystem because what you have done to yourself; butContinue reading “Motion picture”

The mind

Does anyone know what the mind is? The mind is a servant, pure and simple. The mind is fear, the mind is ego – the better than you; the mind is against humility, the mind is against itself. The mind is basically pictures, movies, a false screen. The mind is desire, the heart is want.Continue reading “The mind”


Let me tell you some ways these people are enslaving you. Video games, anything video, whether it is an action movie to wood burning – the key word is reality. Videos corrupt reality because they are not real – they are a shadow – the past, recurring, just like the mind. A living representation ofContinue reading “Control”


Fear will not save your life, did you know this? You will die when you are meant to die. What is death? You term death as leaving the body, where does one go? Where does consciousness go? You were animate, you were giving life to your body, but now you have left the body. ThankContinue reading “Fear”

The Legend

The legend will speak his own breath, will find his own way; he will be a commander, not a follower; a commander of his own vessel, living through his own heart – his own scripture, his own becoming. He will be a metamorph of the only truth; he will lead his own life, and heContinue reading “The Legend”

Actors Part III

To watch is to not see, is to be absorbed, consumed in the outside. Would you like to know what the outside is? The mind. Would you like to know what it is to live on the outside? It is to not live at all, because life is only possible through your heart, the inside.Continue reading “Actors Part III”

Vedic Astrology

My God, what a gift this is! This is a map to your own self, God has made it easy! I recommend to everyone to discover their vedic astrology chart and what it means to them; because you will find that your own sol is written in the stars, look at the mammals, their body,Continue reading “Vedic Astrology”

The Actor Part II

So back to these people – these insects – the worst of the worst. Do you understand that you worship pretenders, fakes? Well, you obviously worship them because you are pretenders yourself, just on a lower scale. Oh, let us go to social media – the false god scale, where people pretend to be gods;Continue reading “The Actor Part II”

The Actor

To see the actor is to see the lie – the pretend – the face; these people are liars, cowards, devils, traitors; they portray the unreal – they zombify. The ones consumed by this are the distracted – the victims – the unknowing. To watch a movie is to damage your brain – oxify theContinue reading “The Actor”

Excerpts from my book

5 keys of truth The moment in all its glory is nothing – can be nothing – breathes nothing; encompass its fortitude – its desert. Witness the endless ocean; surrender to the deep. From the moment, there is further and nothing else. Witness its realm – be a part of it. Leave no trace, asContinue reading “Excerpts from my book”