Why Money Is The Biggest Crime Against Humanity

Life is free, God is free, in fact, God is freedom; now look – shelter is not free, neither is food – God-given rights, because without these things, you will die; God has even given caves, sure, you will have to work harder if you would like something better, but so what – why the hell are you paying for your shelter? Does it need repairs? It looks okay; every week, month, you are paying for nothing, and you can barely afford that; now there is food – food that is growing freely from the earth, sure, you will have to work harder if you would like better food – more plants, more gardens; you know, if they can stock all that food in the grocery store, they can sure as hell feed every human on the planet – even the animals, but they do not, because they would like all of your energy drained so you do not rise up against them and create a better world – a free world – a world of God; they would like to keep in the shadows, doing the perverted things they are doing, because they are afraid of God – of good; they would not be able to survive in such a world, but of course, they could; this is just classic devil versus God, mind versus moment, because mind cannot survive in this moment. So people are killing for money, are losing their lives because of money, and it is fake, a ruse – money comes from thin air – the mind; you are not all programmed for nothing – you are programmed to stay docile, de-sensitized, and you are only hurting yourselves

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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