Why Confessing Your Sins Will Do Nothing

When you are spreading your misery, your disease, you are being a sloth – to confess your sin is a sin itself! You are confessing because you are escaping from answering to God, and you cannot answer to God because you have no connection to this moment, no connection to your heart; God is in everyone’s heart, absolutely, only goodness resides in the heart. You are not meant to come together to share pain, no wonder you are all shit-heads here on earth! I cannot even give it a capital e because it is not good enough to be a place! To spread your sin to anyone is to avoid the transformation of it – the inner fire of truth. Let me tell you that you all go to church to pretend to be holy for an hour, because you do not know what it is to be holy every moment, you confess your sins to escape from the truth; all church is a pretension of sin – they are called the vanity closet for fake holy people that do not know a lick about God, and the devil loves to lick, loves to taste, because he will never know the real thing. To go to church is to forget all about God, because God is here, and God is now; people go to church to pretend to have a communion with God, if you were present, you would know better, if you were not a thinker, you would be a seer, and if you had any God in your life, you would not be showing him off; God is a love affair with privacy, and privacy is bliss.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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