To All the Bullies

They are the false gods – they are pretending to be God, but they are in fact devils; this is what the mind does. Any bully is just a dog of the mind. To threaten someone’s life, to harm anyone, physically, is treason against God, and there is a price to pay. To go against love is to fall into the devils hands, and you will not know any peace until you have passed through the fire of Hel. Let me tell you, the more you hurt, threaten, intent is the key here, the more you will pay. To subject anyone is to go against freedom, and freedom is God. Let me tell you that this price gets magnified to everything that you do against your heart – your will, all the way down to eating another chip from the bag; did you really want to do it, or were you tempted? Was it the heart, or was it the mind? Were you present, or did you have cataracts on your eyes? Let me tell you that all temptation is from the mind – the devil, and if you are not a watcher to the mind, then you are prey to it. You are either God, or the devil himself – the undead.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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