The Mind Is Not What You Have Been Told

The mind is a servant and has no power – it is there to keep you away from things that may have killed you – to make you afraid – that is all the mind is – a survival mechanism, not reality, only illusion – only the coulds, woulds, shoulds – this is all mind. The brain has power, the heart has power, the mind, no power; the mind will never do anything for you in your life, will only keep you looped, and this is what your so-called leaders want – obedience; they would like to get fat on their chair and grow old, they would like to keep everyone miserable, repetitive, ununified, they would like you earning money, doing meaningless work, work that drains your sol, so you do not have any power to uprise, to make humanity whole again; any work done for money is slavery – slavery against your own heart – something you would not be doing if not for money. The mind is a program, and you can tell just by the number of distractions how fucked they have got you – phones, video, anything on a screen, anything to turn the mind on and the organs numb; speed is a drug and they have got you good

One cannot rise in the world of have, only in the world of want – of love. Having to do something will drain your energy, where wanting, and fulfilling, will build it; consciousness requires a certain allotment of energy to open new doors, new secrets in you, and it is only by building the required allotment can you have enough energy for these doors. These doors you were born with, and these doors are your fortune – your potential.

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