The Damage of Sorry

To be sorry, apologize, is to escape from your sins – it is pure sloth and does not do anything; instead of paying the true price – the burning through reconciliation – the answering to God – the true realization of hurt, you are casting it aside, escaping from it, and guess what, you will repeat – such is the mind. The only transformation for sin is answering to God, from this moment – because only in this moment can he be found; all sorrow is from mind, and to be sorry to someone is to escape from God – another trick from mind, such is asking for forgiveness – fear. Ah, and the mind hankers for outside power, which is not power at all, just imagination; the mind would love to take some sorrow from people, that is why anyone who asks for an apology has been taken over by the demon himself; do not feed the mind – snuff it out. Let me be clear that all takers are mind – ALL TAKERS ARE MIND, all takers are devil, and to take does not just mean material, steal; there are takers of spirit – those that want to put you underneath them; do not give them your spirit, they cannot take your spirit, they can only use fear as a weapon to succumb – anyone that uses fear as a weapon is the devil himself; the devil is fear, fear of God – truth, peace, bliss – the devil is afraid of truth because it makes him look like a beggar – all mind is a beggar. Do not succumb to the weapon of fear – to do so is to have let the mind take over.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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