Hate is just a ditch – you know what you hate so you do not fall into the ditch – it is a protection of love – so you can keep going with your life. Hatred is when you stop along your path and look at the ditch – why? You are wasting your time, and in fact stopping the flow of energy – the flow of love, to stop and hate the ditch; hatred is to stop your life for hate instead of walking passed it – now you are stuck, not in the ditch, but still stuck, frozen with fear, really, because anything passed the acknowledgement of hate is fear, and anything past hatred is when you fall into the ditch – anger, escapism, lust, now you must work your way out. Most people are walking around with blindfolds on – they cannot even see the ditches, and there are many ditches in this world; some are more careful than others – they walk very slowly, putting their foot in front of them, seeing if it is a ditch, others are not so careful and go gung-ho, whoops; then there are others that do not even know that they have fallen into a ditch – they walk from one side of the ditch to the other – turning when they hit a dead end, this is how disconnected people are from their own energies

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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