Difference Between Mind and Brain

Brain is the connector of dots, truth, heart validates the conclusion with a surge. Mind is a protector of the brain, a thin veil, if you will, around the brain, invisible. Mind is a soldier, no commander, no king, and definitely no God. Soldier would like to be these things on the battlefield, soldier will create destruction, and to create destruction is not to create, soldier is a libel. Guess what, there is no battlefield, all war is pointless, and protection is not war, protection is courage. The guise is mind is not actually protecting anything, on the contrary, it is destroying everything, it is destroying your whole life, your whole genius. Mind is pretending to be the star of the show but it is a traitor, a soldier gone evil, always. There is no such thing as a good soldier – all soldiers go against God – peace; you would like to protect your life? Protect it; to protect others is to take away their power, undermine. Trust God, do not interfere. To help someone because they would like to be helped is entirely different, now that is up to you, not some fictitious character, not some reactionary. To invade anyone is to attack, and this is the treason. Stand on your borders, do not pervade, build all sorts of protections, that is enough, do not go to war, do not hate, do not be dogs, and do not be afraid of death. Mind is a relapse, because you touched the stove one time and it hurt, but it only hurt the mind, true love cannot be hurt, true love will love everything, even the pain, true love will remember the infinite. Life is not possible through relapse – mind is a guard dog, and to have a guard dog is to walk around with a suit of defense, a hatred. To have a guard dog only shows your fear – all defense is fear, just as all attack is fear. People attack because they are afraid of pain, and all pain is an attachment to self – ego, and ego is mind, mind is vanity, mind is the false self. The true self is the whole, the collective, the nothingness – this is king. When you are your own self, then you are God – the essence of the individual fractal. So mind is a fear of realization. The brain will put together all the pieces of truth, the mind will destroy the whole puzzle; the mind will only like to live in misery, glorification, isolation; the mind is the shortcut to godlihood, and there is no shortcut to godlihood; only by doing work can you realize; and one is never done doing work, to have stopped growing is to have become a fool. The mind thinks, and the brain connects, and only by waiting can you arrive at answers. The mind is isolated, the brain is connected to the heart

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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