Vedic Astrology Part IV

How about this, 12 signs, 12 planets, yes? Take a step out into the Universe and see this: Aries, Mars, Gemini, Moon: look at it, it has 2 faces, and it makes everyone go crazy when it is full – 3rd house, mind, moon, mind: I say the Moon is evil; cancer, Earth, of course, the Mother Earth, what other planet is as motherly as Earth? Why not give Earth a sign? What if someone was born on Mars? Earth would be in their chart; Leo, Sun, Virgo, Mercury, Libra, Venus, Scorpio, Pluto, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Capricorn, Saturn, Aquarius, Uranus, Pisces, Neptune. Look: Aries opposite Libra: War versus Love, Gemini opposite Sagittarius: Mind versus Enlightenment, Cancer opposite Saturn: Heart versus Time (space), Leo opposite Aquarius: ego versus collective, Virgo opposite Pisces: Substance (sol) versus absolvence (totality, moment, ocean), ah and for Taurus: I heard there was a planet that blew itself up, because they were so lazy, they did not know what to do with themselves: Maldek; well, this and Pluto go hand in hand.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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