The Dialogue

You will see that when you are rooted in the moment there is a voice, a connector, that is your real voice. What voice did you have before? Did you even have a voice? Were you a reactionary, a victim to everything that came to you? Were you a makeup, a fragment of illusion? Do you know who you are? Who you are is not what others say you are. Can you fathom such a world? One person says you are a pony, what are you going to do? The state of the world is that everyone is listening to everyone else; what if there was a criminal mastermind, and no such thing exists, because the mind is a servant, no master, no leader, if this person wanted to tell everyone that they were grass, so this person could have all the food for the rest of his life, what would you do? Listening to others is listening to the mind because the mind is a bargainer; it does not know who it is so it will go on taking from people, to have a makeup, to dress up as a human being, but they are not a human being because they have no love, no heart; they will dress up in the name of love as an imposter, with a personality, with an idea of life; life is not an idea but a get to know you. You can mark that any taker is a liar, a traitor, because to take is to fill an empty void, a void that will never be full without love, which is abundant at every moment. The mind is a taker, the mind is a pretender and it is fear, watch out. Oh boy, does the devil exist, I see them every day walking around pretending to be human; from the ego buff to the woman taking a picture with her friends. The devil is vanity; it is the outside projection of the mind rather than the inner reflection of your heart, and the heart is everything love. Nobody wants to rape, nobody wants to steal, and nobody wants to hurt; this is just thinking caused by mind, this is to be overtaken by the taker, this is to lose yourself to hate. The voice that comes to you here and now is your voice, and to not have a voice is to be a zombie, a follower of demons, a pretender of life based off stigma, fear. Have you lived your life at the end? Or were you a devil, you can only find out here and now. The only way to live your life is to be a witness to the moment, and to take the next step.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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