The damage of Movies

Do not watch any movie, look at any picture of anyone, speak to anyone on the phone, just to be sure, you will see your own dreams, throughout the day if you are present, while you are in bed at night, you will see your own dreams, if you have an open heart, you will see that these dreams are like visions of what you want to do; this is your will speaking and this is God. They are almost like a movie but they are not a movie because you are the creator. A movie will kill your dreams because dreams only come when there is clarity, and after you have watched a movie you have done much disconnecting from your own brain; you have been programmed like a bot, now you have to clear, now you have to connect, and now you have to answer to yourself why you have done this damage; it was because of sloth, an escape from this moment, an escape from God. These sins are not deadly for nothing. Now you must pay the price of Time, for answering for what you have done. Let me tell you, it is not possible to be here without being clear. Only the pure can enjoy the moment, because they come empty handed, and to be empty handed is to trust God

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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