Okay I will cover stigma here – the fear of what others think; for the sake of everything here we will reduce this to one word: stigma, because this is the plague that has rotten humanity and turned it on itself. To be afraid of what people think, what they say about you, how they look at you is to be in the mind; and wrath is the exact same thing as fear: wrath is harm, threat, not anger: anger is the absolute tipping point that will turn you against humanity if you go any farther: and that is up to you, not anyone else: wrath is attack, anger is assertion: anger is to take the fire in yourself and put it on the outside, to send a message when you are threatened, but only a fiend will threaten, and to threaten is to beg for God, power; only the powerless threaten, because they are the pretenders of God, they are the false Gods, they are the dogs, look how they bark, they want some treats from their Master, but I say leave them in the dark. Stigma is to be afraid to live your life, because life is known through expression, and expression only comes through your heart, through peace, through love. Stigma is to be succumbed to the world of doom, because that is how its programmed, and there is a reason why it is programmed like this – to keep everyone obedient to the devils that control it, and only devils control. Society is separation, civilization is unity.

Would you like a life? Read my book, perhaps you will get one; a life is not shallow and a life is not listening to others, a life is meaning and only meaning.

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