If God Were Here

If God were walking amongst you, you would not care, you would miss him completely because you do not know what God is. You would throw rocks at him, you would insult him, because he would be so beautiful, if God came to Earth, he would be beautiful. You would try to teach him! You would project your pride, which is vanity, onto him and try to one-up him, to say that you were better than him: all teaching is an attack, it is not the teacher that teaches, it is only the individual. People on Earth would be so jealous of God, because he is so beautiful, he is so in tune with existence – this moment, so graceful, like a dream; these people would not be able to stand it because they know nothing of existence, nothing of themselves, of beauty, of grace, because they are not in this moment, they are only in the mind – the parallel of life. These people would not be able to accept him because they know nothing of acceptance, of love, because to know acceptance is to know this moment. They would actually like to kill him because they are so jealous. Now, if there was a giant walking around, threatening to kill all that were not obedient, they would call this giant God, because they are so afraid, and it is threatening to take away their lives if they are not obedient, they would be so afraid, they will say that that must be God. This is basic mind; all those that live in fear, live in mind, and to live in mind is to not live at all

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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