Vedic Astrology

My God, what a gift this is! This is a map to your own self, God has made it easy! I recommend to everyone to discover their vedic astrology chart and what it means to them; because you will find that your own sol is written in the stars, look at the mammals, their body, a star. To discover what makes you you is in the stars. Ah, but do not look at Western Astrology, because that is an outdated system that is no longer relevant. Perhaps these Western Astrologers are too busy looking at their phones instead of in the sky to actually see which constellation a planet is located in. What is the point of astrology if it is not in the sky? These people will say no, because you were born in the summer, you are this. In 10,000 years from now when the earth tilts even farther than the miscalculation of 24° than it is now, these people will say no, your sun is in Aries; oh but look in the sky, it is actually in Libra, 180° from Aries, the exact opposite! Maybe then they will realize; or maybe the people enslaving the world will come up with their own version of astrology to confuse their cattle even more. But yes, this vedic astrology, very ancient, very wise, but I encourage you to find what it means to you; do not listen to an interpretation because only your heart knows best. Would you like a blueprint to your own life? It is in the stars.

One cannot rise in the world of have, only in the world of want – of love. Having to do something will drain your energy, where wanting, and fulfilling, will build it; consciousness requires a certain allotment of energy to open new doors, new secrets in you, and it is only by building the required allotment can you have enough energy for these doors. These doors you were born with, and these doors are your fortune – your potential.

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