Understanding the Mind

To understand the mind you must see it; in order to see the mind you must be rooted in the present moment and wait, wait for it to come, because it will come; the only way to transcend the mind is to distinguish what is mind and what is heart – what is devil and what is God, because God is the self, the higher self, and whenever you go against yourself, you must answer to yourself, one day, whether it is a few moments from now until years from now, until another life from now, you will answer; and you will stay on this earth until you have paid for all your sins, have answered all the calls from truth – then you are pure, then you may return to God. The mind is an animalistic tendency, it is there for fear, for survival, but no life, no happiness, and no joy is possible with mind; and do not mistake excitement for happiness; excitement is just as timid as the mind; boom, it is there, then it is gone – such are thoughts; do not mistake discovery for thoughts; discovery comes from connecting the dots, the brain is the connector of such things, the mind is a shield, and it is purely invisible; do not mistake the mind for protection, because a defense is not a protect, a defense is just as tight as an attack, and in essence, these two are the same; a protect is to answer the call of the moment, a defense is a walking barrier; if you see the difference, you will see that life is not possible wearing an armored suit; you do not even have a hole to eat from, and you are pissing and shitting all over yourself, one day, you will die. So the mind is basically walking armor, where protection is circumstantial; if there is some dog out there that wants to attack you, then you protect yourself, of course, and only dogs attack, because to not attack is to be a God. You can see why they came up with these words. So wait there in the moment and you will see the mind, because the mind wants to escape this moment, the mind is everything escape – it is fear in essence; the mind wants to escape this moment because the mind cannot survive in this moment, it will die if it stays here, because here is God, and mind is the devil. The mind will distract you from this present moment, the heart will deepen it. The eyes are the key to figuring out if you are really here. Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with hate; to know what you hate is essential in staying away from it, because if you go down that road of hate, you will destroy yourself. One cannot live through hate because life is only possible through the heart; the heart can know what it hates, but it will not reap any joy from it. Hate is the objection to truth, and anger is the stand against it, but anything further than anger, any violence, is corruption, any threat to hurt, corruption, this is when you become a dog of the devil, a dog of the mind, this is when you lose. The dog is the instigator, the heart is the protector.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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