To Let Go

To let go is to live, to not be stuck, to forgive, to be unburdened by the past. To let go is to be reflective, in that moment; do you not know who you are? To let anyone else affect you is to lose your peace, is to listen to your mind, the outside; do you not know who you are? To be taken outside of yourself is to lose, to become astray, to succumb to animality; it is to become forgotten; to be present is to know the moment; to know the moment is to know love; because that is all this is; the moment is only love because the moment is only peace, and to be love is to be peace; only with peace can you grow; and if you are aware of the moment, you can see that everything is always growing; and if you are aware of space, you can actually see this. To let go is to not be contaminated by the outside; because it is only you that is absorbing this and it is only your fault – your oblivion. To be taken astray is to not lead your life; to not lead your life is to be a follower of the mind – the devil; the mind will only take you away from the truth and block you from the passage; God is only here and God is only now and this is the true Kingdom. If you do not know presence then you are a tool of the devil; you are a beggar, you are a liar and you are a cheat.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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