The mind

Does anyone know what the mind is? The mind is a servant, pure and simple. The mind is fear, the mind is ego – the better than you; the mind is against humility, the mind is against itself. The mind is basically pictures, movies, a false screen. The mind is desire, the heart is want. Want is necessary to fulfill your life; it is experience, it is your dreams – it is what you want to experience! A desire is a trick – comes and goes instantly, just like a thought. Anyone that is against want is against life. A monk picks up a piece of fruit, why? Because he wants to eat it. To know the difference between a want and a desire is to know the difference between the heart and the mind. A desire is simply possession, a want is simply enjoyment; the only way to fulfill yourself is to enjoy yourself; the only way to enjoy yourself is to find out what you would like. Enough secrets for today.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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