The Legend

The legend will speak his own breath, will find his own way; he will be a commander, not a follower; a commander of his own vessel, living through his own heart – his own scripture, his own becoming. He will be a metamorph of the only truth; he will lead his own life, and he will not contaminate others with poison, because the heart knows only good, only trust, only life. The one that does not lead his own life is a servant of the mind, and nobody possesses a mind, because the mind is not living. One that cannot see past the mind will never see their sol, or will never see anything at all, because in order to see, first one has to be, and the only being is the self. The legend will not contaminate his health with the outside world, because no life is possible without ones heart – the meaning. The legend will bore no strife or quarrel and will only know rest, because to rest is to be at ease, and the heart only knows ease. Basically, there is this, and there is that. This is the heart, that is the mind; this is the presence, that is the isolation; this is the whole, that is the separation; this is the ocean, that is the greed. So to be good, is to be this, and to be that, is to be a monster, a dresser, imposter, lost.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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