Phones have essentially taken over the world. It is difficult to look around and not see someone on their phone; and I do not mean just a few minutes without it, because then the adrenaline kicks in and they are reaching for their drug; and it is adrenaline, just on a smaller scale. People do not know that adrenaline is basically poison for the glands. So it is difficult to see someone without their phone – the escape, because it glorifies their egos; people do not even know they have egos, they will just brush it off, like all escapists do. So these people cannot even see the next step they are taking, because these people cannot even walk without being on their phone; they are too important, and too smart to just walk – they have to look glorified! They have to look like they are communicating with the world humanity agency, to save humankind! They are so engaged! So smart! Then they walk into a ditch, because they cannot see their next step, they are so smart; and the difference between being smart and being intelligent is that being smart means that you are doing what other people are telling you to do; being smart is not based on experience, it is based on programming. Now intelligence – sharp, instantaneous, responsive; smart – dull, borrowed, escapist. So these people, with their smart phones, will want to look important, because they are so afraid of themselves, they cannot answer to themselves; and to answer to the self is to answer to God. So these sheep are addicted to these phones, you can see it, they cannot leave them alone, they go on checking, just see how they reach for it, with total unawareness. These people will walk into a ditch because they cannot see the very step in front of them, they will flail their arms, drop their phone, and be in a ditch, and they will die in the ditch; oh but they were saving the world, with their importance, more important than their health, let me see, oh, no, they were just on social media, behaving like cattle do, and following others. These people have a disease and it is the disease of desensitivity; because that is what these programs do, they take you out of real life and put you in a box. Given that this is legal shows the lack of understanding for humanity. This is not a free world; it can be a free world, it deserves to be a free world; but it is hiding behind the illusion of justice; and this world will never be good until it is free. Would you like to know what an intelligent person sees when they see someone that is walking and using a phone? They see a deformity of life; which by the way, is totality; enjoyment cannot be had without totality, and unless you are enjoying every moment, you are missing your life. They see someone that is missing every step of the way – the walking dead, a desensitized person who is not engaged with what they are doing. Of course, every step is apart of the journey, whether consciously or unconsciously; even the walking dead have to walk dead until they have had enough – that is part of their path.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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