Fear will not save your life, did you know this? You will die when you are meant to die. What is death? You term death as leaving the body, where does one go? Where does consciousness go? You were animate, you were giving life to your body, but now you have left the body. Thank God, because the current state of Earth is hell; now you do not have to kill your sol to survive. So what is death? Why is one afraid to leave the body? Where do you go when you sleep? You are obviously not conscious, so where? Why be afraid of death when you leave your body every night? Why is anyone afraid to die? Because to die means nothing; how can it have any meaning to you? You will be gone. It will be over and you do not know what is on the other side. Now to protect yourself, because you have a mission to fulfill on earth; because you want to help this barren planet grow; you would like to give to humanity. To protect yourself is to not be afraid; to protect yourself is to contribute to justice; because this earth here needs a lot of work; this earth is hell that would like to be cleansed, ridden of evil by all those that are not living their lives, are not living at all – they are the undead; with no hearts, only minds; and let me tell you, the brain is not the mind – the mind is a shadow of the brain – it is deaf and it is hollow – it is a primitive survival function but has no understanding; only relapsing, no transcendence; and these people that are enslaving you play it very well; in fact that is all they do; they are exposing the monkey in you, because you have never been taught better, nor do you know any better. So fear is basically the fear of death; but once you understand that there is no death, then you can take a stand for your own life; because if there is not life, then what is there? Defeat. If you are not listening to yourself then who are you listening to? Voices. What is real and what is not real? You are real and nothing else. If you are not here to fulfill your own life then why are you here? Bullshit. Would you like know a secret? Any judgement passed by another onto you is a projection of their mind; they have gone outside themselves in that moment and that is all they are showing you – that they have forgotten the truth of that moment, of all moments. These people are simply energy depleters; they would like to throw their energy anywhere but on themselves – because they are dogs, apart of the corruption. Do not listen to anyone who casts judgement upon you nor flatters you, because they are simply afraid themselves. They have tied the knot with the devil and are out to corrupt, enslave, control; they are out to kill your sol.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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