Let me tell you some ways these people are enslaving you. Video games, anything video, whether it is an action movie to wood burning – the key word is reality. Videos corrupt reality because they are not real – they are a shadow – the past, recurring, just like the mind. A living representation of the monstrosity! They corrupt your dreams by keeping you looped. There is no such thing as virtual reality because anything virtual is not real – is a basic enslavement protocol. You are playing video games to escape from your own self – you are an addict and an addict is not health, an addict is a drug; the only drug is the mind. So you are earning some points but you are not having sex with beautiful women. The reason why more men play video games than women is because they are a very ego gratifying experience, but really they cannot be called an experience because one has to be lost to enjoy them, and one cannot really enjoy them because they are not there to enjoy them – they are lost! Absorbed! This is the same thing with movies, on a less involved scale; absorption is the key here. To be absorbed is to not be reflective, to not be reflective is to not have any connection with your own heart. Social media, on an even lesser scale than movies. Pictures steal your sol; basically, it is freezing the flow, life; posing for them as well as capturing them; because life is all about release, freedom. Phone calls, not good – lack of totality because there is no presence in a phone call. Any game – not good; games are based off boxes, rules, play is different; play is humor, reflective – look to the animals, even they are evolving; humans, confused because of the current circumstance – monopoly. These are just some of the energy traps and the energy world, is the real world; if you are not living in the energy world, then you are not living at all – you are just mind – lost; but alas, there is salvation.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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