Actors Part III

To watch is to not see, is to be absorbed, consumed in the outside. Would you like to know what the outside is? The mind. Would you like to know what it is to live on the outside? It is to not live at all, because life is only possible through your heart, the inside. To live through the heart is to live a fruitful life. But now, people are even watching each other like they are watching a movie, like a dog, salivating, to see what comes next. Your neighbors have reduced you to a thing, because this is what the enslavers want, they would like your own neighbor to spy on you and make sure you are being obedient. They have turned everyone against each other through programming of the mind, would like you to behave like citizens. But there are no citizens because there is no civilization. Not anywhere in the visible world is there any civilization; perhaps somewhere tucked away in the forest there exists but only in Madagascar land. There is no civilization because a civilization protects one another, will give life accomodations to its inhabitants to thrive, shelter, food, space. A civilization would want to grow, enhance; but there is only society, and society is a mockery of civilization. Society competes, regresses, punishes, encapsulates. A society is slavery of the mind, it is a bargaining, a sell yourself for survival. A society does not care about you. It will insult you or it will worship you, both are the same things. A society is obedience to hierarchy, a civilization is unification of humanity, of support for one another, for truth, heart, acceptance. A society will laugh in your face and reject you, condemn you, because you are not a part of the image – the trend of begetting. A civilization will honor your path as a human being. So I say to you, go forth into the night and follow your own path, your own heart, because then you will have lived; and to not have lived is to be the devil.

One cannot rise in the world of have, only in the world of want – of love. Having to do something will drain your energy, where wanting, and fulfilling, will build it; consciousness requires a certain allotment of energy to open new doors, new secrets in you, and it is only by building the required allotment can you have enough energy for these doors. These doors you were born with, and these doors are your fortune – your potential.

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