A lesson for Humanity

Mind is the devil. Mind exists in us all – animals, insects, humans; it is inherent; it is for survival, but not life; it is not possible to be human with mind. Mind is escape, attack, but not joy, not love. Mind is a fear mechanism to survive but it knows no life, only the heart knows life, only the heart is the giver of the seed of meaning. The mind will pretend to know life but it will know no life. Nobody has a mind because it does not belong to anyone; there is no such thing as an individual mind – it is all the same, and it all works in the exact same way. The brain is not the mind; the brain is the connector of intricacies, the heart is the validator of truth. If you have not felt your own hearts electricity surge through your chest, if you do not feel this once a day, then you are not alive. The only way to feel this surge is to sit there, look in the distance, and not escape this present moment, because then, you are the connector, then, you are finding what is meaningful, then, you are evaporating space, every trace of lie. Only with these tools can you be free, can you live your life, can you not be a demon, because the escapor is afraid of life, the offender is afraid of life, the God only knows peace, freedom, acceptance; the God will protect these things against the agitator – the instigator; the God will protect himself against the Devil – the one with mind; because there are only those with mind, and those with peace; because the mind will never know any peace; it is either fighting, or escaping, it is always somewhere, but never here, because here is God, and here is only God, and for the mind to be here would be death.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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