The Actor

To see the actor is to see the lie – the pretend – the face; these people are liars, cowards, devils, traitors; they portray the unreal – they zombify. The ones consumed by this are the distracted – the victims – the unknowing. To watch a movie is to damage your brain – oxify the illusion – harm yourself. First of all, movies are not real; you are hiding from the truth and into an illusion – from yourself and into another. Second of all – a moving picture is not life – it is the mind; anyone with a brain can see this. Life does not go from USA to China in an instant. These people that have come up with this black magic know how to pollute the human being, and that is all it is – a polluted river able to get clean again; but alas – the human knows nothing drive, only starvation; because nobody was taught any life, only how to be an obedient slave – to keep you corrupt your whole life so you do not rise against and say no, life is free – because it is; you did not pay a cent to be born. So these people, with this sick magic, use it to enslave humanity; because there are too many of us and not enough of them; a true god would not be afraid of life; but these people only know death – and death is what they teach – through movies, video games, and occupation, because to not be occupied is to celebrate – to celebrate is to be alive – empty handed, as you are. So these people would like to take away your life and hide you in a crowd – a box – of your own damnation; they would like to program your mind to be a follower, a servant – because that is all the mind is – a box, a trap, a repeat and a fear; these people know it very well; they conduct experiments on people to find this out, unfortunately, to see what it does to their brain – because they can see on the subject, and they know what they are looking for – docileness, fear; but you, how can you see? how can you know what it does to you; you can, if you are aware enough to see yourself, but nobody is that observant, and it takes years to discover such wise discernment – what makes you healthy, creative, and what makes you asleep, numb. So these people use actors to kill you – your sol; they take away your life and give you death – a pretender – meaningless. They want you low and to the ground – fearful cattle; so they can hide in the shadows and pretend to play god; but god does not hide – because there is no need to hide. Life is love and only a saint would know this. Motion picture is not the only tool they use; of course, there are traps at every turn – money, indoctrination, oh and of course, a false sense of community. There is no community in this world – only division. A community is one that comes together to advance humanity, but any community now is only a dictatorship – and it all comes back to money – the fear pollutant; if you have to pay to keep breathing then you know you are living in a slave world. The reality is that there is no community – go to a mall, or any other place that you would find a cluster of people – this is a community – a cluster of people, yes? So go there, you will see bubbles, these people are not celebrating with each other, they are not happy to be alive – they are shoppers, bandits, stealing life from each other. Oh look, there is a clique, but look again, there are bubbles within bubbles – they are not even happy with each other yet they are sharing the same space – this is just vampiricm. Nobody is happy to be alive because nobody has taught them any life, nobody knows who they are because they are not taught to know who they are – they are taught by confused worshippers, followers, imbeciles that are hiding themselves because that is how the system works, whether these people know it or not, and of course they do not. A real human would not contribute to suffering, they would end it; they would find the truth within themselves and teach that, but no, because everyone is stuck in a burden – the money mess. Let me tell you – life is free. A real humanity would give free shelter, free food, would encourage everyone to go their own way, because no two the same; and you know, these shelter builders and food growers would do it because they love; such people that do not love have no business giving to people, because only love gives. Let me tell you, only love gives. Nobody is taught love, nobody knows what love is because nobody knows what truth is. Everything is a mess. So let me tell you, clear the distractions, clear your life, and maybe you could be of some help here on earth.

having to do something is not required if you are willing to gamble with death, and through this victory, you will come home

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