The Actor Part II

So back to these people – these insects – the worst of the worst. Do you understand that you worship pretenders, fakes? Well, you obviously worship them because you are pretenders yourself, just on a lower scale. Oh, let us go to social media – the false god scale, where people pretend to be gods; these people are called dogs – chasers, abrupters, barkers. So now there is a platform where everyone can worship everyone – this is pure egoism. Worship comes from giving your power away – your creative energy; instead of creating something, building your energy, because to create something, you must first build your energy, not give it away; but these people have created this platform for you to give your energy away, because the mind is a monkey, and these people know this very well. So one would like to build ones image, be worshipped, fit in with the agenda, the game, be a piece to the puzzle; these people want to become idols themselves, on a lesser scale; but that is the new thing: make everyone a false god – the idea of control. A true human would know, life cannot be controlled because to control it would be to destroy it. Life is only possible when you are like the flowing river; to be like the flowing river is to essentially be the breath and find the you in between; this is life, an expansive energy, this is life, a giving, a flowering, a surrendering to the moment which is the journey. The mind is a relapse of the past – a control mechanism. The mind is primitive, survival. The heart is a seed of the moment, true godlihood; to know your heart is to know yourself; to know yourself is to be infinite, unknowing, absolving, a seer. So these people only want control – a life negative, a life deformity, hinderance, obstacle; but the river is always flowing; all it takes is to remove the obstacle, then you will be on your path; because everyone has a path, everyone has meaning; even these baffoons trapping everyone. Actors are everywhere, from the idiots on tv to the clerk at the grocery store putting on a face for the company, the wretched company. Yes, this whole world would like to steal your sol for a nickel, because this is corruption, and this is fear. But these poor people, they do not see what is being done to them because to see what is being done to them is to see the mind – not an easy task! To see the mind is to be present, but really, what does anyone know about being present. Does anyone know the riddle? Perhaps not. So, to lead your life, do not sell your sol, do not be a pretender, do not trick people, and then maybe you will help this earth.

One cannot rise in the world of have, only in the world of want – of love. Having to do something will drain your energy, where wanting, and fulfilling, will build it; consciousness requires a certain allotment of energy to open new doors, new secrets in you, and it is only by building the required allotment can you have enough energy for these doors. These doors you were born with, and these doors are your fortune – your potential.

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