Excerpts from my book

5 keys of truth

The moment in all its glory is nothing – can be nothing – breathes nothing; encompass its fortitude – its desert. Witness the endless ocean; surrender to the deep.

From the moment, there is further and nothing else. Witness its realm – be a part of it. Leave no trace, as the ocean.

The moment exterminates all possibility of belief. Sit with the truth and be revealed.

In the beginning there is nothing, and in the end there is nothing. This is the beginning and the end – every moment – every flux – every in turn – wilding in and out into the supreme.

The source, the foundation, is this – the center of everything is you; sharp and molecular.

Be nothing

Witness the realization of nothingness; it has no form; it is everything and nothing; it is the essence of life; it is everything that can ever be allowed. Remember the hollow infinity, join its embrace; melt.

See the reality of everything as illusion. Remember the whole – the unfathomable whole; seek its grounds when you are lost – it will protect you, it will reassure you in the most altruistic way; it is the gate, the portal, into reclaiming the bounty – the message. Surrender to its wake, allow it to reclaim you – and you it; speak through each other – it wouldn’t have sent you here without its message to spread; it will give you everything that is needed to get its message out. Trust its fruit and all shall be recalled. Never falter.

Nothing exists at the core; beneath everything, there is nothing; within everything, there is nothing; this is nothing’s realm; for the sake of it, it exists. You cannot grasp nothing – you must let it go, you must trust its way and surrender, and when you are ready – encompass, let stillness pervade you; realize nothingness moving through you; come to a centering ground and let it go. The meaning of this bliss cannot be explained, touched, felt; it is a swarm of sovereignty, rekindling, reigniting the emptiness; this spark is the foundation of a beautiful life; enter into this space and live, see, trust.

Life and death

There exists no life without death – they share the same polarity – continually breathing into each other; every breath in is life, every out is death – you are the witness in between. Do not be afraid of death because it is already going; death is taking place with each exhale. Death is nothing. To be afraid of death is to not have lived; to not have lived is to be stuck in catharsis – the mind – the ego – the against. Drop the head and you shall let go, you shall live, you shall be free, you shall be nothing – the whole oasis.

remnants of infinity

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