Greetings! I am Damascus Carneccius, and this is my blog. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life was? In here you will find it, as well as wisdom, lessons, and transformations. For a meditative experience like no other, purchase my book – remnants of infinity – which is a key to unlock the sol – the fire.

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Ouroboros: the endless cycle – the mind itself


Mind is a demon with its head eating its tail – put its d ahead, I will show you; to de is to devolve – to go against love and into the monster – to turn the mind on; look at all the rotten words that begin with mon – money, mono, monkey, and only monkeys like money. Words are the sword that will cut ignorance in half.

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Musicians are for the ones that have been numbed by the world, so they can feel a little something, but it is meaningless; the inner growing of consciousness is the only music, and anything not the voice of stillness is a distraction – mind.

What Trauma Is

Trauma is anything that you don’t want to do – the temptations, the have-to’s – most of the people in the world have trauma, because nobody wants to go to work, and working for God is the only work – the only way to work without being afflicted by trauma; deep down, it is there,Continue reading “What Trauma Is”

How To Find Your Sol

By doing what you want to do; nobody asks themselves what they want to do, because no one has a connection with their own heart – they are just shallow people – mechanical bots, living off feeling, not presence; the heart will give you an answer, and it will be slow, because true life, enjoyment,Continue reading “How To Find Your Sol”

God and The Devil

Devil is mind, God is ether – both are invisible; devil is fear, God is love – not so invisible now One cannot rise in the world of have, only in the world of want – of love. Having to do something will drain your energy, where wanting, and fulfilling, will build it; consciousness requiresContinue reading “God and The Devil”


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